Frequently asked questions

We are committed to delivering optimal nutrition and information on all our products to help make every day count for your child. We have made some minor changes to our products and updated our packaging. A number of the possible questions you may have are answered below. For further information, please call, email or LiveChat with our Careline and speak to one of our team of product specialists, nutritionists, dietitians and midwives/lactation consultants.

1.What are Omega-3s and where are they found?

Omega-3 fatty acids (polyunsaturated fatty acid) are a type of healthy fat found in various food sources including walnuts, flaxseeds, oily fish, seaweed and some eggs.

2.What are the benefits of including Omega-3s in my child’s diet?

Including Omega-3s in your child’s diet may have many benefits including:

  • Contributing to the normal development of a baby’s brain
  • Supporting the immune system

Find out more about Omega-3s

3.Why have the Nutrition Information Panel values changed?

From time to time we make changes to our recipe. The overall formula offers the same nutrition to your child. We have changed the formulation to ensure the Nutrition Information Panel reflects the average of the value range of each of the formula’s ingredients. Milk is a biological product and the natural components of the milk will vary slightly from batch to batch. Your product contains the same ingredients, the amounts of which have been modified slightly with no discernible change to the taste or benefits for your child.

4.Will the formulation changes affect my baby?

If you know that your baby or toddler is particularly sensitive to change, we recommend that you gradually introduce them to the new products. Rest assured that any slight changes in digestion should be only minimal and temporary. For personalised transition advice, please speak with your healthcare professional, or contact our Careline and discuss any changes to your child’s feeding experience.

5.Why have you made the change to the feeding guide?

Our new feeding guidelines bring consistency to the feeding guides across our product brands and stages, making them clearer and easier for you to use. We have amended our feeding volumes to be in line with recommendations of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) so that our formulas deliver the right energy levels for your baby’s needs. Our alignment with these recommendations brings our feeding guidelines into best practice.

Our feeding guides are a guide only. We understand that every baby is different so amounts may vary per baby and should be guided by baby’s appetite and growth. If you are concerned, please speak with your healthcare professional or our Careline.

6.If I want my baby to have more protein, should I increase the amount of powder?

It is important to make the formula according to the instructions on the can to deliver the correct nutrition for your baby. For a baby over 6 months of age the gradual introduction of solid foods containing protein such as meat, legumes, egg and nuts, are also required for optimal growth.

7.Are all the ingredients sourced from NZ?

Ingredient sourcing has not changed. We use only NZ milk in our Karicare standard range and our goat milk.

Karicare+ Soy is sourced from our Danone supply business in Indonesia.

We take great care in the sourcing of all of our ingredients to ensure that suppliers deliver ingredients to our exact specifications. We expect our suppliers and partners to meet our high standards of practice and have formal agreements and protocols in place to ensure they deliver in line with expectations.

8.What are all the design changes you have made?

  • Changed on-pack Karicare+ Toddler logo to Karicare+ Gentle Nutrition logo
  • Illustrated the key benefits our products can offer your child on the front
  • Added "Our Gentle Nutrition Promise" and further explained the benefits our products can offer your child
  • Removed the Careline story
  • Removed reference to Karimums
  • Removed the ladder with stages and amended the wording
  • Removed the Karibears
  • Updated the Nutricia logo design